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Our Mission

At Columbia Shores we believe that amazing things happen when the most up to date proven treatment methods and technologies are combined with a never ending passion and love of caring for you our patients. With you in mind we offer more than just your gynecological and obstetrical needs. We have developed this web site as a way to provide additional information for our patients, and offer you assistance in any way that we can. Some of our services include women's health and sexual healthcare, pregnancy, and high-risk pregnancy.


  • "You are all amazing with such kindness and genuineness. Dr. Bahnmiller, words can’t express how highly we think of you."
  • "I am thankful that you were referred to me. You are a gifted doctor."
  • "I was recommended to you by 2 friends, and I will most definitely recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you!"
  • "I greatly appreciate the kindness, time and effort you exerted to ensure a positive experience."
  • "Dr. Bahnmiller and his staff are such a great team- Exceptional care!"
  • "We were so pleased with our entire experience and felt so well taken care of."


From assisting you with becoming pregnant to helping you care for the newest member of your family, the joy and privilege of being a part of this special moment in your life is simply amazing. Let your friends and family at Columbia Shores help assist you in bringing this little miracle into your life.

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OBGYN Serving Richland & Kennewick, WA |Columbia Shores OBGYN
OBGYN Serving Richland & Kennewick, WA |Columbia Shores OBGYN


Gynecologic concerns affect a woman throughout her entire life. We are here at Columbia Shores to partner with you from prevention of gynecological problems to the treatment of gynecologic health issues. Please view our services and let us know how we can help you.

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Sexual health is an important part of your physical and emotional health. It is estimated that more than 20 million Americans suffer from sexual health issues. Improving your sexual health will not only improve your sexual satisfaction and relationship, but also improve your emotional and physical health.

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OBGYN Serving Richland & Kennewick, WA |Columbia Shores OBGYN