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What Determines a High-Risk Pregnancy?

Are you or your significant other concerned about a high-risk pregnancy in the Richland, WA, area? If you are planning to become pregnant, there are many questions you have regarding preterm delivery or high-risk pregnancy. Columbia Shores OBGYN is in Richland, WA, we also serve the Kennewick area and are here to help and answer any of your questions. Dr. Daniel Bahnmiller and his experienced team are empathetic to your needs and concerns.

What Constitutes a High-Risk Pregnancy?

Our team understands the many causes of a high-risk pregnancy for our Richland, WA, patients. These issues might be the age of the mother, whether she is under or over-weight, or had any other difficult pregnancies. The doctor at Columbia Shores OBGYN can explain what these factors are in a comprehensive and caring manner. We provide specialized care for women of all ages who might be at risk of pregnancy. This care provided lowers the chances of any complication during delivery in addition to any other health issues.

What Can be Done to Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy?

Any time a woman who gets pregnant has health issues that are chronic, it is imperative to have an OBGYN they can trust. The doctor and staff at Columbia Shores OBGYN want to ensure all their patients carry their baby full-term and have a safe, healthy delivery.

Besides having a trusted OBGYN, here are other ways to ensure a healthy pregnancy and to decrease pregnancy risk factors:

  • Avoid eating unpasteurized cheese, seafood, and raw meat
  • Eat a diet that is balanced and healthy
  • Make sure all immunizations are current
  • Do all genetic tests and screenings for STIs or other required tests
  • Make sure you schedule and attend all checkups throughout the term of the pregnancy to ensure the baby is healthy
  • Discover ways to manage your stress effectively
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and quit smoking 
  • If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or other health problems, adhere to lifestyle alterations and take the appropriate medication

If you are concerned about a high-risk pregnancy and live in the Richland, WA, area, contact Columbia Shores OBGYN. Dr. Bahnmiller can be reached at 509-628-8866 to schedule an appointment and consultation. We give understanding and compassion during this difficult time in your life as you await the birth of your little one.


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